Meet VIA AMERICANA, a unique tour guide alliance consisting of nine European women who fell in love with their new hometowns in the United States. Each has her own personal story and background, but what they have in common is the drive to share their love and passion for their adoptive cities with visitors from all over the world. They offer custom-made tours that take their visitors to well-known landmarks, but also off the beaten track in Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, New York, Philadelphia and Washington DC. 

Even though each guide has her own approach, you can rest assured that every single tour will happen in a relaxed and personal manner, whether it is by foot or by bicycle. 

In 2016 Hélène, Jacqueline, Leentje and Nathalie decided to bundle their knowledge and expertise. Daisy and Trui joined the team in 2018 and the group welcomed Katleen and Vera in 2019. 

Hélène is moving back to Belgium in 2020 and Laurence will be taking over in Washington. 

NEWSFLASH from California: Saskia will be offering local walking tours in San Francisco from April 2020. 

Discover the United States with Via Americana!

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