Washington, DC

How it all started

At the age of nineteen, Laurence Genon left her native Belgium to perfect her English and explore the United States. Within a year of her arrival in Tampa, Florida, the course of her life was forever changed after a fortuitous meeting on board a flight to Atlanta. Seated next to her for the short trip was her future husband, a D.C.-based TV producer who impressed her (or tried to impress her) with his French-speaking skills.

Since 2001, Washington, D.C. has been home for Laurence and her family including two teenage children – Camille and Cyril who played a vital role in shifting the course of her career from nursing to photography and guiding. What better way to keep two active kids engaged, busy and educated than exposing them to all the U.S. capital has to offer. And expose them she did with weekly trips to museums, parks and monuments that eventually led to a passion for capturing the wonders of those moments of discovery.

Today whether creating images for a wide range of clients or leading a tour, Laurence draws on a simple lesson learned over the years – at the core of all compelling audience presentations is a good story. 

When she is not on assignment you can find Laurence on a tennis court or strolling through her favorite spot in D.C. – the National Gallery of Art.

Washington, DC with Laurence

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About your tour

Laurence Genon

Let me surprise you during a unique discovery of Washington DC, a truly beautiful city! While we explore well-known or hidden treasures, I will entertain you with historic anecdotes and tell you about life as a foreigner in the nation’s capital.  

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Washington D.C. with Laurence Genon