Washington, DC

How it all started

Author Hélène Toye followed her husband to Washington D.C. in 2009 for what was to be a two-year contract for him. To escape her newly imposed stay-at-home-mom existence (she did not have a work permit), Hélène embarked on an intense exploration of her new hometown. She discovered a lush city with amazing architecture and a flourishing cultural scene. During the ensuing years, she shared her passion for Washington D.C. enthusiastically with visiting family, friends and friends-of-friends. That is how ultimately she found herself being a tour guide in the US capital.

Hélène is available to guide you expertly around the city that she has embraced. Embark with her on a discovery journey of the city's highlights and its lesser-known treasures. The American capital has a lot more in store than just government buildings, museums and monuments. If you are in need of tips for cultural outings, restaurants, nature hikes and other information, Hélène will be happy to assist you.

​Hélène Toye is the author of ‘Go West, A Belgian Attempts American Motherhood’, a funny anthology of the social faux-pas she and her family experienced during the first years of their stay in the US.

Washington, DC with Hélène

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About your tour

Hélène Toye

Let me surprise you during a unique discovery of Washington DC, a truly beautiful city! While we explore well-known or hidden treasures, I will entertain you with historic anecdotes and tell you about life as a foreigner in the nation’s capital.  

Contact me today to schedule your visit; it will certainly be the highlight of your stay!

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Washington D.C. with Hélène Toye