San Francisco, CA

How it all started

Saskia’s life and career revolve around her love for Japan and everything Japanese, including her husband Makoto whom she followed from Japan to San Francisco in April 2018. 

Moving to the USA was quite accidental, but what happened next was not. Her entrepreneurial spirit kept on nudging her to launch her own business, and when she considered her mission of helping people the decision was an easy one.

As well as working with Japan Consulting Office as a consultant and trainer, Saskia will be offering local walking tours in San Francisco from April 2020. 

Saskia Rock

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About your tour

My tagline ‘walks on clouds, goes for broke’ describes exactly what you can expect from your walking tour in San Francisco. 

Walks will be tailored to your chosen city area’s and interests, and I will add local hidden treasures and stories to your must-see list. 

Looking forward to showing you the best of The City!

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San Francisco with Saskia Rock