Los Angeles, CA

How it all started

As a travel reporter, Nathalie Bevernaegie was always on the lookout for soulful places and fascinating stories, and in 2005, she received a Travel Writing Award by the Welsh Tourist Board for her story about Wales. 

In 2009, her husband’s job catapulted Nathalie’s family to Istanbul. She wrote columns about her ever chaotic and adventurous life in Turkey and piqued her readers' interest so much that many of them couldn’t wait to experience in person what she had been writing about. This is how she became a tour guide by accident.
Seven years later, Nathalie’s family moved to Los Angeles where, continuing her tour guide business was a logical decision, even though her plan was laughed away by some local tourism experts who claimed walking in L.A. was an impossible task. 

Her downtown discovery tours were an immediate success because few travelers find their way within this gigantic puzzle of neighborhoods and districts and many are pleasantly surprised by the hidden gems L.A has to offer, once you look past the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

Los Angeles with Nathalie Bevernaegie

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About your tour

Nathalie Bevernaegie

My tours come with a personal touch. I’ll take you through side streets and back alleys (safe ones, don’t worry!) to reveal a side of the city most tourists typically never get to see.

Of course, I’ll point out the famous landmarks. After all, you want pictures as social proof for the people back home, don’t you? But I also love taking visitors beyond the obvious to shed a new light on my city.

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L.A. with Nathalie Bevernaegie